New Host Not Appearing in the Dashboard GUI

The host with a signed certificate is not showing up in the dashboard.

There is a similar problem in this post but there is no follow up answer.

Thanks in advance.

Was the host created by a puppet run? Then please switch to the “Any Organization” and “Any Location” via the switch in the top bar because it was probably created without a context. If you find the host there, you can select it in the host overview and choose the “Assign Organization” and “Assign Location” action to change its context. In the dialog check the “Fix missmatch” check box so it runs successfully. After moving it to the right context you should see it there.

Background of this is: Foreman enables taxonomy by default now, but still some actions do not use a default context what is especially annoying when you only have one.

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hi Dirk,

Thanks for your reply! This is a pre-existing host like the one you find on AWA or Azure.

After following the blow links, I was able to sign the certificates but I can’t see the VM anywhere under any organization or location.