New host ui - Content - Repository sets status filter weirdness

When viewing the repository sets for a content host in the new host ui (aka URI like /new/hosts/ sets) and select for instance “Enabled” to see only the enabled repositories, the filter seems to apply to the view not the list, i.e. you have to go through the pages (some completely empty) to see everything.

For example, in the beginning it shows all repositories in pages, like “1 - 20 of 151”.

Now I select “Enabled” in the “Status” drop down. Now I am still on the page “1 - 20 of 151”, but the list is empty “No matching repository sets found”, because on the first page there really wasn’t any enabled repository. But no I can go to the next page with the “>” button to see the second page “21 - 40 of 151” and see the enabled repositories which happen to be on the second page.

So the Status - Enabled only filters the repositories shown on the current page but it doesn’t filter the list showing a list of enabled repositories.

Expected outcome:
Showing a list of enabled repositories if I select "Enabled’, i.e. one page only with something like “1 - 8 of 8” because only 8 repositories are in fact enabled for this content host.

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Distribution and version:
AlmaLinux 8.6

It’s still the same issue with Katello 4.6.0. Is it only me? @katello

I think I see what’s happening; I opened Bug #35795: new host details - Repository sets pagination ignores filters - Katello - Foreman

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