New Host UI doesn't allow me to change the current content view

I enrolled a new server with the default activation key, which automatically adds the content view RockyLinux8 to the system.
However, this server will be used for MySQL, so I need to change the content view to MySQLRocky8.

I am unable to do so in the new UI, I can see the assigned content view and lifecycle environment, but clicking on them only brings me to their details. The “Edit content view assignment” button hidden behind the three dots allows me to select a live cycle environment, but not a different content view. Going back to the old content UI I was able to change it without any issue.

Expected outcome:
Being able to select a different content view to be assigned to the host in the new host UI.

Foreman and Proxy versions:
F 3.5.1
K 4.7

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version:
Rocky 8

Other relevant data:

Have you published and promoted the CV into the selected lifecycle environment?

As I said above, the old UI works perfectly, so the CV is promoted to all lifecycle environments.

Ok, I found the correct way of doing it in the new UI. You first have to select the life cycle environment to work with and then a new drop down list pops up, where you can select the CV.

Opened Feature #36184: Content view dropdown should be visible but disabled until you select an environment - Katello - Foreman to track this. :+1:

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