New(ish) Stats dashboard for the Foreman community

As many of you know, I’ve been planning to get some kind of metrics up and running for our community, so we can track what’s important to us. I’m happy to say that the first alpha of that is now live:

Currently there’s only 3 tabs, all of which relate to Redmine:

  • The first covers the total (cumulative to date) open and closed bugs, and the net difference. This can be sub-set by Project, and/or by timeframe. It calculates a line of fit for the selected data, and shows the rate of open/closed/net in a side table.
    • This is useful for tracking overall activity, for general interest
  • The second tab shows the state of open issues only for a given Project, by category and triage-state. Since there are many categories, it also allows you to select only the categories you care about.
    • This is hopefully useful to project leads to see how their area of the codebase is performing - it’s interesting to note how well triaged Katello is :wink:
  • The third tab is mainly for me, it shows something of the demographics of the community - specifically the distribution of the age of Redmine accounts which interacted with us recently
    • Currently, that makes the median account age slightly over 1 year. That’s useful when thinking about event frequency, release structures, and so forth.

There’s also an “experimental” area where I’m working on new things. Expect these to be frequently broken and/or incorrect, but I list them here so that I can get feedback :slight_smile:

  • is an attempt to rank the popularity of our plugins & compute resources.
    • This is done using the httpd download logs so please be very cautious with this data, it’s notoriously unreliable. I show it because it’s all we have at present :slight_smile:
    • Clicking one or more plugins with show the daily-download chart, and a LOESS line of fit per plugin
  • is the time-to-merge for each our repos, for any PR which has been updated in the last six months.
    • Clicking any repo will show all the PRs and their time to merge, and a line of fit
    • Clicking more than one repo is currently bugged, they all get munged together. I’ll fix that :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty much all of this data is currently updated by hand, by me, each Monday morning (it’s not hard to update, but dealing with keys/oauth tokens/access to httpd logs/etc in an automated way is tricky). Once I know which graphs are useful/popular, I can work on automating the data source.

Finally, the bug tracker for this work is (of course) on Redmine - see Issues - Stats Dashboard - Foreman. Please do file issues with existing graphs, ideas for improving them, or requests for entirely new charts/visualizations.