New Katello release schedule & Pulp 3 Migration Update


After some discussions among the Katello devs, a few things have become clear:

  • Migration of yum content is not quite ready for public consumption given the bugs we are still finding within Pulp 3 itself (and the limited testing we’ve been able to do up to this point).
  • We need to give more time to give the debian pulp3 support and migration support time to solidify.

So instead of the current release schedule:

Katello 3.16 - currently delayed, shooting for release next ~week
Katello 4.0 - Releasing in August

We are proposing moving to the following release schedule:

Katello 3.16 - shooting for release in the next ~week
Katello 3.17 - September release w/ Foreman 2.2 (August branching)
Katello 3.18 - December release w/ Foreman 2.3 (November branching)
Katello 4.0 - March release w Foreman 2.4 (February Branching)

Some other details:

  • In addition to giving the migration more time to stabilize, we will be able to better react to migration failures as they pop up by users.
  • It also allows us to migrate to newer pulp versions along the way and frees the pulp migration plugin from being stuck on pulp 3.4, freeing the pulp_deb work to move to a newer pulp release as well.
  • We are punting the yum migration to 3.17

Let me know if there are questions or concerns!

Justin Sherrill


I also wanted to call out that the Pulp team has been doing a fantastic job working with us, handling our feedback, and working through issues with us. These complex migrations take time to get right! Thank you to everyone that has worked on any part of the pulp3 transition and migration. It will lead to a more efficient, more scalable, and better integrated solution long term!




Could you provide a general idea of what is changing under the covers during each of those Katello releases? And especially for the major version bump to 4.0. It would help us understand the possible impacts as we do upgrades or plan other activities.