New Red Hat logo and big cleanup


I did a cleanup in our logos asset directory, previously we had icons in incorrect sizes, now all icons are available both in 16x16 and 64x64. I resampled all icons again from their original sources and reviewed copyright and “fair use” policies. This was a bunch of work in GIMP, so please let’s keep it clean from now:

[lzap@box foreman]$ ls app/assets/images/icons16x16/
archlinux.png  coreos.png  fedora.png   gentoo.png   redhat.png      stub      ubuntu.png
centos.png     debian.png  freebsd.png  rancher.png  scientific.png  suse.png

[lzap@box foreman]$ ls app/assets/images/icons64x64/
archlinux.png  coreos.png  fedora.png   gentoo.png   redhat.png      stub      ubuntu.png
centos.png     debian.png  freebsd.png  rancher.png  scientific.png  suse.png

As you can see, those 64x64 high-res icons are available but we don’t use them. I would like to poke @ui_ux team to think about where we could put them - probably on the new host detail page.

For all icons we haven’t secured explicit license we must use stub icons which were autogenerated using the following script: Thos are available in various colors:

[lzap@box foreman]$ ls app/assets/images/icons16x16/stub/
black-a.png  blue-t.png      darkred-m.png        deepskyblue-f.png  firebrick-y.png    goldenrod-r.png  red-k.png
black-b.png  blue-u.png      darkred-n.png        deepskyblue-g.png  firebrick-z.png    goldenrod-s.png  red-l.png
black-c.png  blue-v.png      darkred-o.png        deepskyblue-h.png  forestgreen-a.png  goldenrod-t.png  red-m.png
black-d.png  blue-w.png      darkred-p.png        deepskyblue-i.png  forestgreen-b.png  goldenrod-u.png  red-n.png
black-e.png  blue-x.png      darkred-q.png        deepskyblue-j.png  forestgreen-c.png  goldenrod-v.png  red-o.png
black-f.png  blue-y.png      darkred-r.png        deepskyblue-k.png  forestgreen-d.png  goldenrod-w.png  red-p.png
black-g.png  blue-z.png      darkred-s.png        deepskyblue-l.png  forestgreen-e.png  goldenrod-x.png  red-q.png
black-h.png  darkblue-a.png  darkred-t.png        deepskyblue-m.png  forestgreen-f.png  goldenrod-y.png  red-r.png
black-i.png  darkblue-b.png  darkred-u.png        deepskyblue-n.png  forestgreen-g.png  goldenrod-z.png  red-s.png
black-j.png  darkblue-c.png  darkred-v.png        deepskyblue-o.png  forestgreen-h.png  green-a.png      red-t.png
black-k.png  darkblue-d.png  darkred-w.png        deepskyblue-p.png  forestgreen-i.png  green-b.png      red-u.png
black-l.png  darkblue-e.png  darkred-x.png        deepskyblue-q.png  forestgreen-j.png  green-c.png      red-v.png
black-m.png  darkblue-f.png  darkred-y.png        deepskyblue-r.png  forestgreen-k.png  green-d.png      red-w.png
black-n.png  darkblue-g.png  darkred-z.png        deepskyblue-s.png  forestgreen-l.png  green-e.png      red-x.png
black-o.png  darkblue-h.png  darkslateblue-a.png  deepskyblue-t.png  forestgreen-m.png  green-f.png      red-y.png
black-p.png  darkblue-i.png  darkslateblue-b.png  deepskyblue-u.png  forestgreen-n.png  green-g.png      red-z.png
black-q.png  darkblue-j.png  darkslateblue-c.png  deepskyblue-v.png  forestgreen-o.png  green-h.png      steelblue-a.png
black-r.png  darkblue-k.png  darkslateblue-d.png  deepskyblue-w.png  forestgreen-p.png  green-i.png      steelblue-b.png
black-s.png  darkblue-l.png  darkslateblue-e.png  deepskyblue-x.png  forestgreen-q.png  green-j.png      steelblue-c.png
black-t.png  darkblue-m.png  darkslateblue-f.png  deepskyblue-y.png  forestgreen-r.png  green-k.png      steelblue-d.png
black-u.png  darkblue-n.png  darkslateblue-g.png  deepskyblue-z.png  forestgreen-s.png  green-l.png      steelblue-e.png
black-v.png  darkblue-o.png  darkslateblue-h.png  firebrick-a.png    forestgreen-t.png  green-m.png      steelblue-f.png
black-w.png  darkblue-p.png  darkslateblue-i.png  firebrick-b.png    forestgreen-u.png  green-n.png      steelblue-g.png
black-x.png  darkblue-q.png  darkslateblue-j.png  firebrick-c.png    forestgreen-v.png  green-o.png      steelblue-h.png
black-y.png  darkblue-r.png  darkslateblue-k.png  firebrick-d.png    forestgreen-w.png  green-p.png      steelblue-i.png
black-z.png  darkblue-s.png  darkslateblue-l.png  firebrick-e.png    forestgreen-x.png  green-q.png      steelblue-j.png
blue-a.png   darkblue-t.png  darkslateblue-m.png  firebrick-f.png    forestgreen-y.png  green-r.png      steelblue-k.png
blue-b.png   darkblue-u.png  darkslateblue-n.png  firebrick-g.png    forestgreen-z.png  green-s.png      steelblue-l.png
blue-c.png   darkblue-v.png  darkslateblue-o.png  firebrick-h.png    goldenrod-a.png    green-t.png      steelblue-m.png
blue-d.png   darkblue-w.png  darkslateblue-p.png  firebrick-i.png    goldenrod-b.png    green-u.png      steelblue-n.png
blue-e.png   darkblue-x.png  darkslateblue-q.png  firebrick-j.png    goldenrod-c.png    green-v.png      steelblue-o.png
blue-f.png   darkblue-y.png  darkslateblue-r.png  firebrick-k.png    goldenrod-d.png    green-w.png      steelblue-p.png
blue-g.png   darkblue-z.png  darkslateblue-s.png  firebrick-l.png    goldenrod-e.png    green-x.png      steelblue-q.png
blue-h.png   darkred-a.png   darkslateblue-t.png  firebrick-m.png    goldenrod-f.png    green-y.png      steelblue-r.png
blue-i.png   darkred-b.png   darkslateblue-u.png  firebrick-n.png    goldenrod-g.png    green-z.png      steelblue-s.png
blue-j.png   darkred-c.png   darkslateblue-v.png  firebrick-o.png    goldenrod-h.png    red-a.png        steelblue-t.png
blue-k.png   darkred-d.png   darkslateblue-w.png  firebrick-p.png    goldenrod-i.png    red-b.png        steelblue-u.png
blue-l.png   darkred-e.png   darkslateblue-x.png  firebrick-q.png    goldenrod-j.png    red-c.png        steelblue-v.png
blue-m.png   darkred-f.png   darkslateblue-y.png  firebrick-r.png    goldenrod-k.png    red-d.png        steelblue-w.png
blue-n.png   darkred-g.png   darkslateblue-z.png  firebrick-s.png    goldenrod-l.png    red-e.png        steelblue-x.png
blue-o.png   darkred-h.png   deepskyblue-a.png    firebrick-t.png    goldenrod-m.png    red-f.png        steelblue-y.png
blue-p.png   darkred-i.png   deepskyblue-b.png    firebrick-u.png    goldenrod-n.png    red-g.png        steelblue-z.png
blue-q.png   darkred-j.png   deepskyblue-c.png    firebrick-v.png    goldenrod-o.png    red-h.png
blue-r.png   darkred-k.png   deepskyblue-d.png    firebrick-w.png    goldenrod-p.png    red-i.png
blue-s.png   darkred-l.png   deepskyblue-e.png    firebrick-x.png    goldenrod-q.png    red-j.png

The stubs look ugly, if you can do nicer ones please go ahead.

And yeah, the patch brings the new Red Hat logo. Little bit late, the patch took more time to review because I had to rethink how plugins overrride a method. It’s now more clear, but plugins must be changed. I created PRs into Katello, Salt and Ansible. Example:

When reviewing new icons, please keep in mind:

  • We can only accept open source assets, or those we have a permission either explicit or some generic form of “fair use” or “license”.
  • Otherwise stub must be used. Those are letters, pick something that is not in use and represent the resource well.
  • For new icons, authors must provide both 16x16 and 64x64 (high resolution) versions. Check the image size.
  • All PNG filenames must be lowercase.
  • Use PNGcrush tool to minimize size of the files.
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