New repositories are automatically added to hosts

whenever im adding a new repo its added to all hosts registered to foreman
Expected outcome:
new repo is nota dded to all hosts
Foreman and Proxy versions:
Distribution and version:
Rocky 9 and Rocky 8
Other relevant data:
I’m trying to start a content manager in the form of Foreman and Katello. I’ve created products with repositories and assigned those repositories to activation keys. The issue is that whenever I create a new product and add a new repository inside it, that repository is added to every host in the same environment.
I’d like to keep it as simple as possible; content views necessitate publishing to update packages, which I’d like to avoid; different locations divide the hosts, resulting in no single clear overview of jobs and applicable erratas; and I’d like to avoid using multiple locations as well.
Is there any way to mimic spacewalk behavior (I had to manually assign newly added repositories to hosts)?

Currently, any new repository to which a host gains access either by product/subscription or if sca is enabled will automatically be enabled. In other words, whenever you add a repository to your server, modify the repository set for all your content hosts and all your activation keys and override the new repository to disabled. Then enable it wherever you’ll need it.

The problem has been discussed in length in New repositories are automatically added to hosts because it gets much worse if you use SCA. I have an issue open for a long time now: Feature #31510: Configure default repository set for subscriptions - Katello - Foreman

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Just to be sure I’v understood You correctly, whenever I’m adding ANY repo to ANY product, all hosts registered in Foreman will get this repo as active?

Yes, that’s currently the case.

Please see also the discussion on [RFC] Making things easier when working with custom products & Simple Content Access (SCA)