New Smart Proxy DNS Plugin for Men & Mice

Hey everyone,

I've just pushed out a new DNS Smart Proxy plugin I'd love some comments
on, as it's my first foreman plugin and I'm sure there's stuff I
missed/could do better.

I'm also working on a DHCP plugin for the same provider, so any tips/tricks
for that would be greatly appreciated, too.


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Hi there,
Just stumbled on this post while looking to see if anyone had made a dns plugin for m&m.
Does this still work or is it not being used? i see on the repository that it hasn’t been edited in 3 years

Cool, thanks for announcing here.

Note that DHCP IPAM in Foreman is “dumb”, next available (or random) IP address and that’s it. If your product provides IPAM capabilities, you also want to implement External IPAM plugin, this is a brand new feature in 2.1.

Once this module has at least two implementations, I’d gladly move the repo to the theforeman github organization. Also create RPM/DEB packages for the module and its plugins.