New subdomain request:


as you probably know, we are working on bringing Satellite documentation upstream. We are done with the process and the first guide, more to come. Everything now properly builds into HTML and PDF and I think it’s the time to show what we have (as a WIP).

I’d like to ask for a new domain and virtual host to be created on our infra. At the first stage, I would be deploying the HTML content manually, the idea is to automate this however I don’t have permissions or know how to do this.

I will make sure that the new docs are not to be confused with our official docs, I am thinking to add some “EDGE” badge/strip in the corner or something.


I think “EDGE” badge and link to stable docs is quite a nice idea (and I believe we should continue to do it later on and deploy docs for nightlies there).

Is there some roadmap for this effort? I believe now we should decide if that is the way (I believe it is) and maybe other folks would like to help? :slight_smile:

If you mean “setting up the infra” as the effort, than we need this now.

If you mean “converting all Satellite docs to Foreman” we want to finish the effort ASAP sometime next year. Here is how you can help: Foreman new-generation documentation

I will poke community managers @Ori_Rabin and @rabajaj - can you help me with this? We need:

  1. The domain to be set up

  2. Virtual host to be created

I vaguely remember that our Apache configuration is somewhere in Puppet (foreman-infra), can’t find it tho (grepping VirtualHost). And I don’t know who manages our DNS. Thanks.

@ohadlevy may be able to help with the subdomain, I think some other folks have access to it, but I don’t know who exactly. AFAIK it’s not handled from puppet and it needs to be editted manually

with the infra, @ehelms can hopefully point us to the right person to ask questions, I don’t think the infra team will have enough capacity to complete the task for us, but hopefully they can help and at least point us to examples how to do it

All our various vhosts on web02 are configured here:

Actually, the asciidoctor generates plain and simple HTML output (just run make to see it). I’d appreciate any help with HTML/CSS styling and with the “EDGE” strip/warning as well. If I am doing this it will look ugly for sure :slight_smile:

I still live in HTML 4.2 world… :wink:

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Thanks a bunch, I was missing it for some reason. PR is up:

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Hello @lzap,

This is real hard work! Thanks a lot for this effort :slight_smile:
The docs on looks beautiful and I just hope it would the default docs soon :slight_smile:



Thanks for you help, we want to announce them with 2.0, @mcorr is doing some final changes on the installer guides.