New versions of the Installation Guides are now live

Hi all,

In addition to the Provisioning Guide, @lzap, @ekohl, @spetrosi and my colleague Tahlia (Github @tahliar) have been working on getting upstream versions of the Installation guides live on

The Installation guides for RH/CentOS operating systems are pretty much ready and will be updated at regular intervals:

These guides are aimed at Foreman installations with Katello, however, we point out everywhere that the Katello plug-in is needed, so technically you could use the guide and ignore the Katello sections if you want.

Please feel free to open any issues you see in the guides:

The Debian guide is still a work in progress. I have an open PR to try and update the guide with all the relevant file paths and equivalent commands for Debian systems. If you would like to contribute, please feel free to join the conversation:

Any questions or comments, let me know.


@rabajaj was instrumental in getting things up and running with this effort, and did a lot of heavy lifting for the original PRs for the Provisioning Guide, so just want to add Rahul to the list of folks and say thanks!


To elaborate that, since all the content is coming from Satellite documentation team, it’s opinionated right now and Foreman core deployment type (without Katello) is not yet documented. I think this is a good opportunity to re-evaluate Foreman deployment because the first thing our users must do is a decision to do with or without Katello deployment, there’s no way back and we don’t explain this to them enough in our old documentation.

So before we start working on documenting Foreman core deployment, I suggest to stop for a moment and think about this. Maybe it’s time to unify our deployments in the installer. Or it could be a good time to unify at least port numbers and/or certificate paths, so there are less changes required in our documentation.

This is our chance to more consistent documentation and deployment procedure.

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And @mcorr who was doing most of the hard work of actual writing! Kudos.

What’s important is we want to continue cooperation with Red Hat Documentation team and eventually this github repository would become the official upstream for Red Hat Satellite documentation. There’s lots of synergies working together at a single place, hopefully we will be able to achieve that.