New Year Game!

Here is a card sorting exercise. that should help us understand the information architecture of the site. This will 7 minutes to fill out. I used existing items in the Foreman navigation, but if you come up with any that we should add/remove, let me know! The card sorting site is collecting the results, but feel free to share your results and thoughts here as well. Excited to see the results! More info about the redesign is here.

I’ve got three responses so far, and I am already seeing helpful patterns.


Done! Is fun :smile:

I’ve also globally pinned this for a week, so users will see this prominently. Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Thanks so much!

Hey, nicely done! One small comment, perhaps, I tried my very best not to look at the initial results; as to not contaminate my responses but perhaps others might accidentally look at the image and thus may give a slightly skewed answer?

Nevertheless, great work & idea!
Looking forward to the new site!