Newbie in Foreman


I am new to Puppet and Foreman. I want to know few details about foreman.
What is latest supported REDHAT OS?
Is MySQL is still supported by foreman ?
What is difference between Foreman ENC & Reports and What is Smart Proxy ?
Is it possible to install Foreman separately on a VM and how we can integrate an existing Puppet master ?


Hey @tinut89

Welcome to the community !

We keep a list of supported OS types on our manual Foreman :: Manual

You can find a Smart Proxy definition here: Foreman :: Manual

If you’re interested in using Puppet as a config management tool, we have some nice docs here: Managing Hosts

Happy learning! If you need anything else, let us know!

Right now we are using CFEngine for config management, we need to migrate to Puppet using Foreman, Around 6000+ machines are there. Please given me a good layout how to setup.

I am having doubt , Puppet and Foreman Need to install on separate server ?

No, we only support PostgreSQL these days, no MySQL anymore.

You can install Foreman and Puppet on the same system, or make Foreman manage an external Puppet, it’s up to you.


Do you have a reference or wiki to install Foreman on a separate server to manage external puppet. How to setup foreman to talk with external puppet master ?

Foreman :: Manual has some docs how to install a proxy

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Supported Postgress version ?

We’re testing (CentOS builds) on 12, but my memory says anything newer than 9.6 should work.
Debian uses whatever Debian has by default, so 11 on Buster, 10 on Bionic and 12 on Focal, and those work too.

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