Newbie questions


I just got assigned to work on a project and I found Foreman a good candidate to start with.

While I understand Foreman can help me provision VMs on KVM, but what about provisioning the KVM host onto bare metal to start with? Can I also provision docker containers within my VMs?

I’d also like to give Foreman a try and I am wondering if I can evaluate Foreman within a container.
I found Dockerfile such as, but it’s rather old.
Can someone point me to a newer version? Or must I evaluate on a dedicated host?


Hello and welcome.

First off, libvirt compute resource is mainly for testing purposes, I do not recommend it for production use unless you are fine using the default storage and network domain.

Foreman is a great tool for deploying bare metal using network booting, yes.

You can provision anything you want on those machine, we don’t care. Foreman’s goal is to provision the operating system and get configuration management running (Ansible, Puppet, Salt etc) and the rest is on you. Sure it can be docker. We used to have a plugin for docker container provisioning but it was abandoned.

I do not suggest evaluating Foreman in a docker, there are couple of containers and we also provide one but it is meant mainly for development purposes. Simply put it onto a VM, try the deployment and feel how it’s like to manage Foreman itself.

Thanks Lukáš!

No, default storage and network domain for libvirt is definite not sufficient for production. How does Foreman provision and configure KVM? Is it done through Ansible? If so, it might be extensible ??

Through RHV or oVirt virtualization.