Newly point versioned CCVs not updating on machine

Using Foreman 1.15.4 and Katello 3.4.5

I am finding that the Content Hosts aren't updating after a point version
update for a Content View.

I have a Content View "Base Centos" which includes a bunch of repos,
including EPEL.

It contributes to a Composite Content View "Workers" which includes a
couple of other repos.

Recently an Errata came in for something - maybe inxi. Using the webgui:

  • check the appropriate box

  • choose "apply errata"

  • choose content hosts to apply it to, "next"

  • confirm the Content View that will be updated

  • wait while background magic happens (" Incremental Update of 2 Content
    View Version(s)" and a promotion of hosts to new version from 27.0 to 27.1
    for Base and from 33 to 33.1 for Workers)

  • once this is complete, I expect a yum update to work, it doesn't. I try:
    yum upgrade and yum clean all; subscription refresh; yum upgrade

  • I try going back to the web UI, and from within the errata, choose
    content hosts, then select a host and "apply to hosts". The next page
    "confirm" button clicks but doesn't do anything.

So, I think the "subscription refresh" works when a CCV has had a full
version update - from X to X+1 (27.0 to 28.0)

But the point updates don't naturally flow onto the hosts in question.

How might I get those hosts to update?


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