Nightly testing and MySQL

On a weekly basis, a job runs that runs the equivalent of Foreman nightly pipeline configuring for MySQL across every OS we support. Our general nightly pipelines run across every OS every night but using PostgresSQL. We presently don’t pay much attention to this MySQL job. Further, Foreman unit tests run against both PostgreSQL and MySQL. Given that, I am looking for input on what to do with this testing:

  • Keep it as is
  • Drop the job entirely and trust the unit tests
  • Add MySQL as a matrix test to normal Foreman nightly pipeline (note this will double the nightly pipeline’s testing)

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There you are, made it a poll for you :wink:

I’m going to leave this poll open for 2 more days and then take action based on it. Thanks everyone for the input.

Thanks everyone for voting. I have opened a PR to drop this test.

I think you should combine the keep as is + add mysql to the matrix, meaning there are more that are in favor of keeping it as is…?

I see your point and I’d be willing to open another poll. The idea was each should be mutually exclusive due to the tradeoffs being different. I am however not necessarily convinced that there are that many database failures not caught by our unit tests to warrant the increase in time and resources required to run the full database matrix on nightly tests.