No errors at all when running puppet agent, get certificate fine, but the hosts don't show up in Foreman as being managed

I have existing hosts (openstack instances) that I wish to register and manage with a new Foreman installation (1.24), with Puppet 6. When I do a “puppet agent --test”, I get no errors and everything seems like it is working, but when I check on my Foreman server, I see the new hosts’ certificates, but they don’t show up as managed hosts.

consequently, I was following instructions at this URL:

  • I have checked that DNS is working so that bother clients and server can resolve each other’s hostnames
  • I have installed Puppet agent 6 to match Foreman server’s Pupper server version of 6
  • I have set the puppet.conf file thusly:
    server = myserver.hostname
    certname = myclient.hostname
    runinterval = 180
    environment = production
    listen = false
    pluginsync = true
    report = true

Expected outcome:
I expect the new hosts to check in with the foreman server and then be managed.

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Distribution and version:
CentOS 7.7

Or they perhaps in a different organization/location? At the top is a switcher and choosing any/any might show them.