"No host found" on Submit - Duplicate Domain on Hostname

Our hosts are created with FQDN. If I press “submit” on a edit page we get an error page:

No host found

The host server123.local.domain.de.local.domain.de does not exist or there are access permissions needed. Please contact your administrator if this issue continues.

Expected outcome:
A Solution :-).

Foreman and Proxy versions:

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Don‘t enter the fqdn. Enter only the host name and choose the domain in the main network interface.

Thanks’s for your tip but it doesn’t work. I can create a server without the domain but when I set the domain in the network interface and try to submit the error “name has already been taken” occurs.
Any other ideas?

As the error says: the name has already been taken. Delete the existing host with the same name…

I haven’t see the hosts of all environments. Now I have deleted the host, his certificate and the autosign entry and have created the host with this command:

hammer host create --name “myhost” --hostgroup “myhostgroup” --puppet-environment “myenv” --organization “myorga” --location-id 2 --build false --managed false
Host created.

After I have added the domain in the network interface the name of the host changed to fqdn. Then I did a new submit and I have the same problem as before with “No host found”.

The solution was an update to version 3.7. There is a fix for this issue.