No Import button on Classes page/No smart proxies either

Problem: Hello. I’ve done fresh install of foreman(1.22)/puppet(6.6) with foreman-installer on Ubuntu Server 18.04 with this manual (with obvious swap for newer version).

Eventually I’ve made it finish successfully with no errors in CLI. However I was unable to follow the manual further since puppetlabs/ntp module were not showing in GUI along with Import button on Classes page.

On this very forum I found suggestion that the problem lies in smart proxies were not installed automatically when they should, and, apparently, they are responsible for showing or detection of puppet modules (?).

From the same post I found that theforeman/foreman_proxy module can somehow help me with the issue, which I’ve totally installed from puppet forge. But I have no Idea what to do next with it

Expected outcome:
So… How can I bring foreman GUI environments/classes/etc in working condition?

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Other relevant data:
Initially I was trying to install puppet5/foreman 1.20 as stated in manual however I was unsuccessful and started experimenting with newer version (It was later when I found out that the reason was that something during installation process were conflicting with system proxy variables)

I’ve also had to reissue certificates for puppetserver because there was some conflict with private key or something so agents were not communicating with server. Solved it with those instructions (


the most probable cause for your problem is that you might be looking in the “wrong” location.
If the installer did not error out with the default options, you should have a smart proxy on your foreman server. To be sure, you can check if the foreman-proxy servis is up and running.
What is likely to be the cause of your problem is that smart proxies do not get registerd to any organization/location by default. Go to Infrastructure -> Smart Proxies in the UI. There, select “Any Location” and “Any Organisation” in the two drop down menus in the top bar. You should now see your Foreman server listed there as a smart proxy. Click edit and in the “Organisation” and “Locations” tabs, add the default ones you should have. Then hit submit and re-check the Puppet Classes page for the option to import.


Awww, thanks a lot, man! That was quite counter-intuitive. I didn’t even noticed those dropdown menus and not a hint of them in manual either (probably because it was written for 1.20).

Glad I could help :slight_smile:
This is indeed quite a confusing and really badly documented topic. iirc organizations and locations are only mandatory in standard Foreman since 1.20 and were turned off in the default setup before. A better documentation is currently in the making as far as I know. Until then, feel free to come back to forum if you have any further questions :slight_smile:

This was in fact mentioned in the 1.21 manual, but any improvements to the manual are most welcome - the source code is at and is in markdown which is fairly simple to modify.
This specific issue you (and multiple other users) are hitting should be fixed in 1.23 with Feature #26092: When only one taxonomy of specific type is defined, api should default to that taxonomy - Foreman - so the default proxy will be automatically assigned to the default location and organization.

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