No more puppet reports - except for VMs?


My problem : I don’t see any report anymore in foreman 1.23 for most hosts, only for some (very few).

From what I can see, only VMs are getting their report displayed. I have absolutely no idea why only VMs…

When I look at the hosts summary, I see a “last report time” (x minutes ago). But when I click on this X minutes ago report, all I get is a " ConfigReport not found Please try to update your request" error/warning.

Weird thing : it seems that my VMs are not affected, reports are displayed correctly.

Note : I migrated from mysql to postgres when I upgraded to 1.23, and I recently noticed I lost some provisioning templates I made during the process. Maybe that’s related to that migration, or not…

My foreman logs look ok though, they say reports are processed :

2019-12-12T14:55:21 [I|app|1f0c3efe] Started POST "/api/config_reports" for at 2019-12-12 14:55:21 +0100
2019-12-12T14:55:21 [I|app|1f0c3efe] Processing by Api::V2::ConfigReportsController#create as JSON
2019-12-12T14:55:21 [I|app|1f0c3efe]   Parameters: {"config_report"=>"[FILTERED]", "apiv"=>"v2"}
2019-12-12T14:55:21 [I|app|1f0c3efe] Scanning report with: Foreman::PuppetReportScanner
2019-12-12T14:55:21 [I|app|1f0c3efe] Imported report for in 69.1 ms, status refreshed in 13.6 ms
2019-12-12T14:55:21 [I|app|1f0c3efe]   Rendering api/v2/config_reports/create.json.rabl
2019-12-12T14:55:21 [I|app|1f0c3efe]   Rendered api/v2/config_reports/create.json.rabl (32.6ms)
2019-12-12T14:55:21 [I|app|1f0c3efe] Completed 201 Created in 146ms (Views: 26.9ms | ActiveRecord: 44.4ms)

Expected outcome:

Reports should be displayed.

Foreman and Proxy versions:


Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:


Distribution and version:
CentOS 7.7.1908

Other relevant data:

Tried to get reports info using cli for a host which displays no report in the web ui :

irb(main):004:0> @host.reports.last
=> #<ConfigReport id: 41464395, host_id: 1014, reported_at: "2019-12-12 14:20:23", created_at: "2019-12-12 14:22:18", updated_at: "2019-12-12 14:22:18", status: 1, metrics: "---\nresources: !ruby/hash:ActiveSupport::HashWithI...", type: "ConfigReport", origin: "Puppet">

I also noticed I don’t have as many report templates as others - but I don’t know what these are used for though, nor if that is related :

# hammer -u admin report-template list
[Foreman] Password for admin:
154 | Host statuses

Any idea what I could do to get reports displayed back in the web ui ?


Hi again,

Just found out that if I change the Organization and Location in the top bar to “any”, reports can be seen.
But the host belongs to the default (and only) organization/location I set as default in the settings page…

Not sure where my mistake is here :confused: ?


@ekohl reports from puppet has no taxonomy, how this is supposed to work? I know there is foreman_organization fact that files facts into proper organization but how about reports?

A report is strictly tied to a host which does have taxonomies. As a user I’d expect that reports follow the taxonomies of the host. Now I don’t know if the code agrees with me :slight_smile:

Just upgraded to foreman 1.24… same behaviour.

Probably some taxonomy change in the report view? @Marek_Hulan any ideas?