No Network Inferfaces In Discovery

Problem: When trying to perform a PXE discovery image boot on a newer Dell system, there are no network interfaces recognized on the system.

Expected outcome: Network interfaces available to connect to foreman server.

Foreman and Proxy versions: I tried using fdi-image-latest.tar from 2020-12-09

Other relevant data: If I install the system with a newer ISO version of RedHat 7 or 8, the completed system is able to see and use the network interface. Is it possible I need to get something built into the initramfs that the discovery image is using so that the network interface works?

We have release 3.7.0 FDI discovery this week which has facter 4.0, can you try it?

As long as the hardware is supported by RHEL 7 it should work. FDI based off RHEL 8 is not quite there, it is planned tho.

Set up root password and ssh to the node, investigate what is missing. Issue “facter” command to see facts, these are sent over to Foreman.