No option to update content view version description with Hammer only API


I have 2 environment, “dev” and “prod”. I check an URL(showing tests results) every day to see if I can promote my dev to my prod environnement.

However the URL isn’t updated every day. What that means is that I sometime have to check when was the dev enviroment promoted from Library.
It’s easy to do from the GUI, but I haven’t found any way to see this information from CLI
So I had the idea to simply put a timestamp in the description field of my CV versions to have it handy.

Can I update my content view version description via CLI ?
I only see that I am able to update via the API with the following :

Is there a better way to check when a specific content view version was published ?

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Katello 3.11
Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Thank you for your help

Hey @loitho, Thanks for raising this!
I have filed an issue Bug #27466: Update content view version description via hammer - Katello - Foreman to track this and add this functionality to hammer. I have to test this and if I find a way to solve this on hammer I’ll post an update here and on the issue. Meanwhile, you can track the progress of this on the issue.

Awesome, thank you for your reply !
I’ll be sure to check that out.