Nomenclature of Report Templates

Hello Friends, good morning

This is my first post and I hope to be doing it correctly. Thanks @Marek_Hulan for your help.

Basically, there are some report templates using the names/nomenclature without standard “just the report template name”, once we are creating more and more and it’s expected do improve soon the number of report templates, I would like to suggest according to below

Current names

ansible_inventory.erb:name: Ansible Inventory
applicable_errata.erb:name: Applicable errata
applied_errata.erb:name: Applied Errata
entitlements.erb:name: Entitlements
host_statuses.erb:name: Host statuses
registered_hosts.erb:name: Registered hosts
registered_users.erb:name: Registered users
subscriptions.erb:name: Subscriptions


ansible_inventory.erb:name: Ansible - Ansible Inventory
applicable_errata.erb:name: Host - Applicable Errata
applied_errata.erb:name: Host - Applied Errata
entitlements.erb:name: Subscription - Entitlement Report
host_statuses.erb:name: Host - Statuses
registered_hosts.erb:name: Host - Registered Content Hosts
registered_users.erb:name: User - Registered Users
subscriptions.erb:name: Subscription - General Report

On this way, will be easy to identify and also reorder when clicking over the label “Name” on report template page.

What do you think about it?

Thank you in advance.

The rule is, main resource we report on is first word right? However, report such as “Ansible - Ansible Inventory” should then be “Host - Ansible Inventory” since it goes over Hosts. I think there may be cases which this won’t be easily applicable, e.g. HW resource usage may be an example. However it is probably better to rename templates for easier searching so I’m not against suggested names.

Renaming templates however needs to be done in a migration so that existing installation will have names updated. That needs to happen before seeding, which would create duplicate templates. Would this be a concern for anyone?

If people for example already have cron job set up to generate applicable errata report and we change it’s name, the cron job stops working, if they use template name as an identifier.