Nominating Adam Ruzicka for Foreman commit access

Hi all,

I would like to nominate @aruzicka for commit access to Foreman core.

He has taken part in reviewing 42 pull requests and commented on 70 PRs.
He has been actively maintaining many plugins for a long time, such as Tasks, Remote Execution an dynflow. He also maintains the integration in Foreman core with tasks and dynflow.

Feel free to add a +1 if you support the nomination. If you have any concerns please comment bellow or contact me in private.

If no concerns are raised in one week from today, I will add him to the core team.


I’m honestly surprised that @aruzicka doesn’t have commit access already. :+1:


Long time overdue, :+1:

Oops, looks like I missed the follow-up on this with all the holidays. No concerns were raised, welcome to the core team @aruzicka!


Thank you and everyone who gave me a +1 :heart: