Nominating @Dirk for commit access to rpm packaging

I’d like to nominate @Dirk (dgoetz/Dirk Götz) for commit access to foreman packaging. He has been doing rpm packaging longer than I know how to spell Foreman, knows the Foreman ecosystem from his consultant work very well and I’ve come to know him as a valuable community member who always has the wellbeing of the project in mind.

Please share your +1s (liking this post) or -1s (comment).


One week has passed without any objections. Congratulations, @Dirk.

@ekohl: Do you mind taking care of the “onboarding process”?

Congrat @Dirk, added you to the packaging group!

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Thank you, I am honored.
I will wait for the “onboarding” and then let’s see how much help I can be. :slightly_smiling_face: