Nominating @ekohl for GitHub admin

Since I have now officially left the team (I mean, unofficially I’m never going to leave, right? :stuck_out_tongue: ), it seems prudent to replace my admin position. We’ve generally tried to have a few people in different geographic locations to cover potential needs, and one of those is going to be … less available :slight_smile:

As such, I’d like to nominate @ekohl for GH admin. He’s already an admin on Discourse & Redmine, and has SSH access to the infrastructure, so it seems more like an oversight that he’s not already a GH admin :slight_smile:

As per usual, I’d suggest leaving this topic for a week or so for comments.


big :+1: from me.

Same from me :+1:

It has been a week. I see only positive responses, so I’ve granted admin to @ekohl :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone, that’s a lot of :+1:s.


Congratulations @ekohl! :smiley:

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