Nominating Ian Ballou for core commit access

@iballou has been a long time member of the community, mostly focusing his attention on Katello related matters. Nominating Ian Ballou for Katello commit access dates back to 2019.

Now @iballou has volunteered to help with Foreman 3.7 release work, which implies access to Foreman core. We’ve never really defined a process for that and it would probably be fine to give access, but I’d like to formally nominate him for the core team as well.

There are various commit (Commits · theforeman/foreman · GitHub) already merged, and to me there’s no doubt about his qualities.

Unless there are any objections, I’ll add him to the core team on 2023-04-13.


Since the response was overwhelmingly positive, I’ve added @iballou. Welcome to the core team!