Nominating @Lennonka for foreman-documentation commit access

It’s been a while since I’ve seen the last nomination, but I think we should do it more often.

I’d like to nominate @Lennonka for foreman-documentation. @Lennonka recently joined and has written various non-trivial patches while also getting involved in other PR discussions with good insights.

Unless there are good reasons, I will grant access in 2 weeks (so 2022-04-01). In case there are good reasons not to, please share them either publicly (here) or privately (IRC, private message, email).


The only reason I can think of not doing this in two weeks is: doing it in one week.

More seriously, huge +1!


Massive +1 from me.
I have full confidence in @Lennonka’s abilities to help manage this repo and value her contributions.

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Since there was only (strong) support for this I’ve sent @Lennonka an invite to join the GH org. Once accepted I’ll check if it all went well.

Congrats @Lennonka! If you have any questions about how things work, do not hesitate to ask them.


@ekohl I would greatly appreciate a briefing with show&tell on a PR with cherry-picks.

Who can give me a briefing, please?

I can :slight_smile:

So can I, just show up on IRC and start yelling at us :wink:

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