Nominating Leoš Stejskal for Foreman core commit access

Hello all,
I would like to nominate @lstejskal for commit access to foreman core. Leoš is active reviewer already (list of reviews). Leoš is a long time contributor to Foreman with many code contributions and also the whole plugin ecosystem. He is original author of Leapp integration plugin, he authored the current state of Host registration, he is now finishing the effort of upgrading Rails to 6.1 and he has recently become maintainer of Ansible integration plugin. From my experience he is very responsible contributor who always follows up on issues raised with his contributions and polishing them to improve the overall User experience.
I believe his responsibility is a main trait of a maintainer and we would greatly benefit having Leoš as a core maintainer.

Please comment your opinion or press the like button to indicate your support. If someone has reason to object and wishes to stay anonymous, please send me a private message.


Welcome @lstejskal to @theforeman/core team!

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Congratulations @lstejskal :slight_smile: