Nominating Lukáš Zapletal as a maintainer for Remote Execution repos

I would like to nominate Lukáš Zapletal as a maintainer for Foreman Ansible, Foreman Remote Execution and friends. Lukáš has shown interest in the plugins and already helped with reviews there. He also has some pretty great ideas about how REX and Discovery could be used together to create something awesome.


Seems like a week, with four +1s. I know that 2 people with github org permissions may be offline now, but when someone has a chance, can we grant permissions? Thank you.

Looks like someone beat me to it for ansible, added @lzap to rex team as well. btw @Marek_Hulan you are a maintainer of both of these teams so you can add people to them on your own :wink:

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Oh, thanks for pointing that out, somehow I lived under impression this could be done only by theforeman org admins.