Nominating Maximilian Kolb for foreman-documentation

I hereby nominate @maximilian

for push access to our documentation repo. @maximilian already hit 4th place on the top contributor’s list:

Thank you for your huge improvements!


From the comments and PRs I’ve seen @maximilian has a good understanding of what’s correct and what isn’t. I think he’d be a great addition and I fully support this :+1:. I probably would have proposed it myself at some point but @lzap beat me to it.

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No objections, as expected. Would you mind, @tbrisker or @Ori_Rabin? Thanks.

@lzap you are an admin for that project, feel free to update his permissions :wink:

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OMG I keep forgetting do I have some admin rights :slight_smile:

@maximilian welcome to the documentation team, make sure you have enabled GitHub 2FA.

Thank you @lzap & @ekohl