Nominating Nofar Alfassi for Foreman core commit access

Hello everyone,
I’d like to nominate @nofaralfasi for access to the Foreman core commit.

Nofar has been an active reviewer [0] and contributor [1] to the core since she joined our ranks, she’s a maintainer of the Foreman Ansible plugin [2] and is actively helping us with reviews and bug fixes across all the components we take care of in our Rocket team, like provisioning, discovery, bootdisk, VMware, compute resources and others …

She’s a quick learner with a focus on delivering great code, she’s a valuable member of our Foreman community, not just by organizing Community Demo sessions, but also by sharing various documents and how-to tutorials for developers, and of course, last but not least, helping with the meetups at conferences all around the world.

I’m convinced that having Nofar as a core maintainer would greatly benefit the Foreman community.

Please comment your opinion or press the like button to indicate your support.
If someone has reason to object and wishes to stay anonymous, please send me here a private message.

Thank you!
[1] Commits · theforeman/foreman · GitHub
[2] Commits · theforeman/foreman_ansible · GitHub


The week has passed, and I see many votes supporting this nomination, and no objections, @Marek_Hulan or @ekohl could you please give Nofar access?

Thank you

Conferences distracted a bit, but I’ve just added @nofaralfasi to the Core team. Congratulations.