Nominating Oleh Fedorenko for Foreman core commit access

I would like to nominate @ofedoren for commit access to foreman core. Oleh has been a very active reviewer (list of reviews ). Oleh is a long time contributor to Foreman with many code contributions and takes care of large part of our CLI tooling especially hammer and all surrounding ecosystem, where he is a maintainer and plays a huge part. Oleh is mainly focused on backend and API, but is not afraid to touch UI and React. As his most impressive contribution I’d like to mention his lead role in an effort of documenting our template macros and with it basic public API of our models.
I believe we would greatly benefit having Oleh as a core maintainer.

Please comment your opinion or press the like button to indicate your support. If someone has reason to object and wishes to stay anonymous, please send me a private message.


A week has passed, there have been multiple maintainers who expressed their support and no objections raised. Welcome to the core team @ofedoren !

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