Nominating Ondřej Ezr for core commit access


I would like to nominate Ondřej Ezr for Foreman core commit access. Ondřej joined the Foreman core team ad Red Hat in January and he is full time developer on the project and Satellite product. He showed interest across whole project, including authorization, authentication, Rails internals, virtualization and cloud provisioning. Notable reviews:

  • 26831 - In “refresh_usergroups as anonymous admin” patch Ondřej configured Foreman with LDAP and verified the patch works, this is the most important approach to reviewing patches in such a complex application Foreman is.
  • 26676 - In WIP patch “improve setting initialization” Ondřej shows good understanding of Rails and ActiveRecord in general.
  • 26198 - In “ensure host list does not require full page reload” he asks, it’s good not to by shy to ask. That’s the only way to attack possible issue and also to learn new things. Also the code has been tested.
  • 16520 - In “associating VM-mac is case sensitive” PR Ondřej wrote one key phrase: “tested on VMWare”. There are not many of us having Foreman+VMWare working setup. And he tested the patch!
  • 26599 - In “resolve invalid sshkey format error” Ondřej showed his pushing skills on a clean solution rather than merging a temporary solution. I see this as a good sign although it can sometimes bring troubles to the author who is targeting particular Foreman release. But it’s good to be reasonable: if the library fix was not merged we’d probably need a workaround, but in this case it really paid off. The upstream PR was changed also thanks to his review there and the PR will be soon merged.
  • 26651 - And in “remount components after AJAX call” Ondra had something to say about UI technologies like AJAX, React or components. With increasing push on delivering new UI it’s good to have more reviewers and commiters in the team.

The PRs discussed above:

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Ondřej agreed and I will be available for him as a peer for as long as he’ll need. Just ping me on IRC as my GH unread stack is huge. As usual, heart or +1 for yes, comment if you feel Ondrej is not ready enough. I’ll review this seven days from now.


You forgot to mention he’s also very active on Discourse with proposals to improve the project and is not afraid to call out things we should improve. Big :+1: from me.

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I totally agree. Just to add, he recently got merge permissions on fog-vsphere too :slight_smile: he did a good review and testing on new template inputs type too. Big :+1: from me.

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I added my :+1:, but just in case anyone has any reservations regarding this they do not want to share in public, feel free to privately message @lzap or myself with them.

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Well deserved !
I think Ondrej is one of a few developers
who are actually doing fullstack in our web project,
both React and Rails,
and I think we need more people like him,
he is doing a lot of reviews and he is active in the community, big :+1: from me :slight_smile:

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It’s been almost a week now with no :-1: 's. Since I’ll be traveling tomorrow, unless anyone sends me objections, I’ll be adding @ezr-ondrej to the committer list at the end of my work day today (afternoon in Europe/morning in the US).


Thanks Tomer and good luck Ondřej in your upcoming work! Keep it up.

No objections were raised. Congratulations @ezr-ondrej - there should now be a nice green button on the buttom of core PRs :slight_smile:
Please be sure to set fixed in version and category when merging.

I will bother @lzap at the beginning to push me to do the reviews right.

Thanks a lot everyone for the trust and the support!
I will do my best to keep up to that trust! :blush:

Congrats @ezr-ondrej and thank you for the contribution :+1: