Nominating Robert Gill to ruby-newt library maintainer


we maintain ruby-newt library for few years as upstream was unable to continue with the effort. I am the only maintainer and basically I found only time to iron out few bugs. Last year Robert came in with a huge rewrite and refactoring of newt which takes us to version 1.0.0 pre1 actually.

I hereby nominate Robert “xelkarin” Gill for commit access for ruby-newt repository so we can improve newt library together.

I assume that we are able to technically assign permissions on per-repository basis. As usual give like or comment. Thanks.

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Thanks all :slight_smile: @rabajaj or @tbrisker can you guys raise permissions for xelkarin on github for this repo? I don’t have admin permissions myself actually.

I’ve added Robert as a collaborator on the repo and made you admin for it. Just for information, the Discovery team also has write access to the repo.

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