Nominating Samir Jha for Katello commit access


I’d like to nominate Samir Jha (sjha4 on GitHub [1] ) for commit access to Katello/katello [2]. He has been contributing to Katello for quite a while now. Below are a few links to some of his contributions.

PRs authored: open [3], closed [4]
PRs reviewed: [5]

Please share your +1 and -1 either here or privately.






+1 without question

Does Samir have a forum account? I know we don’t require it, but it would make sense if notifying @katello would notify the maintainers, right?


Hey Greg…I do have an account here and I am following this thread very keenly…:slightly_smiling_face:

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Heh, caught me out - that’s what I get for trying to auto-complete @sjha4 :slight_smile:

+1 from me!

Its been one week and there are no objections, so you now have commit
access. Congrats Samir!



Thanks team for the access! :tada::tada: