Nominating Tomer Brisker to become github organization administrator


I’d like to nominate @tbrisker to become the foreman github organization administrator. There are no specific rules or criteria for this as far as I know, but given how long Tomer is part of the community. He is most active commiter to core repo which convinces me, he has trust already. He clearly cares about the community. This would expand his permissions across multiple repositories.

Having one more admin would help with occasional tasks like transferring repositories or giving more people merge access on plugins when asked for. It would increase availability of such admin in European timezone. It does not happen that often, but whenever it occurs, I struggle to find someone free to perform the change.

As always, please share your feedback either here or privately.



I just realized, that the set of people to like this post at this point in time reflects and emphasizes the timezone problem in a nice way.

We got 12 likes and I haven’t seen any -1 here or as a private message. I’d like to ask existing owners - @ohadlevy @Gwmngilfen @ehelms to do the action.

Congratulations Tomer!

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Done, congrats @tbrisker! I note you don’t have 2FA enabled on your GitHub - it would be great if you’d consider enabling it given your new priviledge level :wink:

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Thank you! 2FA activated :slight_smile:

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