Nominating Yifat Fani Makias for Hammer core commit access

Hi all,
I would like to nominate @yifatmakias for commit access to Hammer core. Yifat has been related to hammer for a pretty long time and she had many contributions in hammer-cli-foreman plugin. She always finishes tasks she started regardless my meticulous reviews. Moreover, she showed she can propose a better and simplier solution: Fixes #31384 - fix hammer list failure when defaults are set by yifatmakias · Pull Request #551 · theforeman/hammer-cli-foreman · GitHub. Yifat also often prefers off-comment discussions, which I think is better and it often speeds up the whole process.

Please comment your opinion or press the like button to indicate your support.

P.S. By default we as @cli team could simply add @yifatmakias to the team and give needed permissions, but as I can see the CLI team on GitHub has no effective maintainer/admin and I’d like to request someone’s help with this from @admins as they might know better.


Definitely agree!

Given this has a :+1: from most of the active people on the CLI team I’ve added @yifatmakias.

This is something that should be fixed. It’s likely other teams also suffer from this. I’d propose a different topic for that to keep this focused.

What do you mean by off-comment discussions? If you mean discussions outside of Github then as a general rule I would suggest that it’s good to summarize those discussions in a comment. While it is more work, it is more transparent to other (potential) contributors. Private discussions discourage contributions because they can make people feel excluded. I’m not saying that it’s happening now, but you should be aware of it.

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Thank you,

I should have specified that off-comment discussions are more for understanding the problem right. The summary seems to be always present in comments afterwards. There are no thoughts about excluding anyone for sure.

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