Nomination for Bernhard Suttner to Foreman commit access

Hello everyone,
I’d like to nominate @Bernhard_Suttner for access to the Foreman core commit.

Bernard has been an active reviewer [0] and contributor [1] to the core & Katello for a while, he is actively helping us with reviews and bug fixes, not just stuff related to the Debian & Ubuntu world, but also with the provisioning and other things that stayed under our radar.

I’m convinced that having Bernard as a reviewer would greatly benefit the Foreman community, with him in the team many PRs will get reviewed and merged faster than right now, which I believe is something always welcomed.

Please comment your opinion or press the like button to indicate your support.
If someone has reason to object and wishes to stay anonymous, please send me here a private message.

[0] Pull requests · theforeman/foreman · GitHub


FWIW, +1 from me :slight_smile:

A week has passed and I’ve got only supportive reactions without any objections, so please @ekohl @Marek_Hulan add @Bernhard_Suttner to the core team.
Thank you