Norwalk IO - Managing your systems with Foreman and Katello

Norwalk IO is a group of developers, hackers, and technically-minded people who are located in the New York City/lower Fairfield County (Connecticut) area. The group meets monthly where community members provide short (30 to 45 minute) talk on the projects they’re working on.

@John_Mitsch will present “Managing your systems with Foreman and Katello” at Norwalk IO. Abstract from the event description below:

As the number of systems grow to large datacenter and cloud scale, it becomes impossible to address and manage systems individually. In order to scale out management of these systems, infrastructure to support managing the lifecycle of machines becomes very important. Foreman and Katello together provide a solution for this problem.

This talk will go over how you can use Foreman and Katello for system provisioning, configuration, monitoring, and content management. Foreman and Katello are open-source projects that make up Red Hat Satellite. We’ll discuss these projects and explore the application itself.

Please RSVP on so that food and drinks can be accounted for.

The event is sponsored and hosted by Datto, Inc.


Courtesy of Datto, Inc., a live-stream of this event will also be available using Zoom. Please register for the Zoom meeting ahead of time.

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