Not able to create puppet repository

I am running katello 4.0 / foreman 2.4 on CentOS 7, and am trying to create a puppet repository using hammer:

[root@foreman7 dhcp]# hammer repository create --organization "xxxxx" --product "Puppet Modules" --name "Puppet Repo" --content-type puppet
Could not create the repository:
  Error: Option '--content-type': Value must be one of 'deb', 'docker', 'file', 'yum'..
  See: 'hammer repository create --help'.

Expected outcome:
Repository created.

It’s not supported with pulp3 at this time:

Currently, there are no Pulp 3 plugins for Puppet and OSTree content.

Puppet and OSTree repository types are no longer be available.

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Thx, i hadn’t seen that…
So now for the search how to use puppet modules which are not in a local repository

Try looking at r10k (not a Foreman tool)