noVNC library update and error

on an installed Foreman host, “/usr/share/foreman/extras/noVNC” code is outdated, after pulling noVNC code from the official source and update it, then go on the web UI: Infrastructure → Compute Resources → (My VM host) → “Virtual Machines” → (My VM and confirmed using VNC instead of SPICE) → Console, I see “Loading…” and nothing happen, Firefox inspect didn’t show any error, anyone know how to fix this?

I fixed it,

As I already mentioned in the PR, from a packaging perspective vendoring is highly undesirable. Instead I moved forward with Refactor #29539: Unbundle websockify - Foreman. By using a system package, it can be updated independently.

Out of curiosity, what OS is your Foreman host running? I just checked today (to verify my new PR) and on CentOS Stream 8 it was still working.

Thanks for working on this, I am running Ubuntu server 20.04.4 LTS