Null values for facts via API call

I am trying to retrieve all the facts about a specific host via API. But for some reason for some values I just get null, e.g.

 "mountpoints::/run": null,
 "os::distro": null,
 "ssh::ecdsa::fingerprints": null,
 "os::selinux": null,
 "mountpoints": null,
 "load_averages": null,
 "os": null,
 "networking": null,

This is the case with all hosts. Most facts have the correct values, some have null.

Expected outcome:
Get values for these facts which are not null. What baffles me even more is that in the web interface I have no problem looking up the values for the above facts.

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman version: 1.22
Proxy version: 1.22


2019-06-26T10:00:31 [I|app|46841221] Started GET "/api/v2/hosts/$HOST/facts" for $IP at 2019-06-26 10:00:31 +0200
2019-06-26T10:00:31 [I|app|46841221] Processing by Api::V2::FactValuesController#index as JSON
2019-06-26T10:00:31 [I|app|46841221]   Parameters: {"apiv"=>"v2", "host_id"=>"$HOST"}
2019-06-26T10:00:31 [I|app|46841221] Authorized user admin(Admin User)
2019-06-26T10:00:31 [I|app|46841221] Current user set to admin (admin)
2019-06-26T10:00:31 [I|app|46841221]   Rendering api/v2/fact_values/index.json.rabl within api/v2/layouts/index_layout
2019-06-26T10:00:31 [I|app|46841221]   Rendered api/v2/fact_values/index.json.rabl within api/v2/layouts/index_layout (1.0ms)
2019-06-26T10:00:31 [I|app|46841221] Completed 200 OK in 60ms (Views: 5.8ms | ActiveRecord: 9.9ms)

I just discovered the same problem, for me the reason was the ‘per_page’ attribute which defaults to 100 which is not enough to collect all my facts. If I increase the ‘per_page’ parameter it works.

Example with curl:
curl -u myuser ""

This actually solved my problem, thank you very much, sir!

But I still have some keys which have no values, namely those right here:

partitions	null
ssh::ed25519::fingerprints	null
ruby	null
processors	null
mountpoints::/run/lock	null
mountpoints::/sys/fs/cgroup	null
partitions::/dev/sda1	null
os::selinux	null
os::release	null
os::distro::release	null
os::distro	null
os	null
networking::interfaces	null
networking::interfaces::ens192	null
networking	null
augeas	null
disks::sda	null
disks	null
disks::sr0	null
dmi::bios	null
dmi	null
dmi::board	null
dmi::chassis	null
dmi::product	null
hypervisors::vmware	null
hypervisors	null
identity	null
load_averages	null
memory::swap	null
memory	null
memory::system	null
mountpoints::/	null
mountpoints	null
mountpoints::/dev/shm	null
mountpoints::/run	null
system_uptime	null
ssh::rsa	null
ssh::rsa::fingerprints	null
ssh	null
ssh::ed25519	null

Can you confirm that on your system?

Aren’t those hash keys in a structured fact?

For example:
|->family: ‘RedHat’
|->architecture: ‘x86_64’

So ‘os’ is the key and has no value, and the Foreman API then returns ‘null’. But you should have values for ‘os::family’

Yes, this is exactly what I mean.