Old entries in subnets tab


During some tests I made I’ve added some subnets using foreman-plugin-setup (I know it’s an old plugin and maybe unmaintained). After I finished my tests I deleted the subnets I’ve added and today I have found some scraps in Administer/Location/Location name/Subnets.

I’ve checked in Infrastructure/Subnets but the old entries are not here, only in previous menu.

Expected outcome:

Maybe find a way to delete those entries

Foreman and Proxy versions:

  • foreman-3.0.1

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

  • foreman-3.0.1
  • katello 4.2.1

Distribution and version:

AlmaLinux 8.4

While I’m not in a position to assist with your issue, I noticed that you had to erase the organization name in the second screen snap. Are you sure that, the missing data isn’t just in another organization? I know because I have done this, and stared at the data part of the screen for a while, thinking “where is that data”. I was testing hammer CLI at the time, and the hammer query would show the data.

So try switching to “Any Organization”, and see if your data appears. If you have hammer installed you could try a hammer query. Clarifying that you have verified this is not the problem will assist others who can help you.

Hi, yes, I took the screenshot and then I noticed that I forget to set it to any.

I think there is a bug somewhere, I checked with hammer and I can see those two extra subnets as well, thanks for pointing out, I have no idea why I didn’t use cli on this matter.

But your point is right, I think the extra subnets should show in GUI when the ANY organisation is selected, because I noticed that they are not mapped to any org.

Very strange, thought, I managed to delete them using hummer, no errors when the delete occurred and now they are not listed in the Location tab as well.