Open and priority issues for 1.2

If anybody's looking for some bugs to fix, we've got a list of issues
assigned against Foreman 1.2 that you can work through:

Some are large features, so probably best to ignore them, but there are
a number of small usability issues which would be great to fix.

I haven't got around to triaging this list, so if you feel you're able
to do this, please jump in and do so. I'd like to remove the big
feature items and move the target version to 1.3 at least.

I'd like to highlight three particular issues as a priority too:

  1. "Couple of models broken with audited 3.0.0", affecting Fedora installs.

  1. "Allow overriding of class parameters in the hostgroup UI", our
    highest voted issue,

  1. "Matchers should support inheritance of smart class parameters in
    nested hostgroups", this seems to come up regularly.

Thanks all!

ยทยทยท -- Dominic Cleal Red Hat Engineering