Open position - Foreman and Pulp Community Manager

It has been almost a year since @Gwmngilfen stepped down from his role as our community manager. Over the past year, we shared the responsibilities of community management as a community team between @tbrisker @rabajaj and myself. This was done in addition to the various responsibilities each of us have.

While we did manage to have quite a lot of community events this year, there were some things that fell through the cracks. This led us to the understanding we need someone who is dedicated to taking care of our wonderful community and helping it grow and improve.

Our friends over at the Pulp project have happily gotten to the point where their community has grown enough to need someone who will help it grow even more.

Since many of the events we attend and community members are shared between the two projects, it made sense to hire one person to handle the community management for both projects.

If you wish to join us and work full time on supporting our communities, please apply for the position! If you know someone who would be a good fit for the role, share this with them.

We are hoping this person can join our teams at the Red Hat office in Brno where they can closely collaborate with the many developers and quality engineers located there.

More details on the job responsibilities and requirements, as well as sending an application for the position, can be found on the job description page.