Open Source Automation Days 2021: Call for Papers

Hey everyone :grinning:

The call for papers for this year’s Open Source Automation Days (short: OSAD) has started!


The OSAD offers you the opportunity to present your topic to an interested and target group-specific audience.
In addition to the two presentation tracks, Strategy and Technology, this year there will also be the opportunity to hold a workshop.

The focus of the Open Source Automation Days 2021 will be on Cloud, DevOps/GitOps, Containerization, Security Automation and Artificial Intelligence . Also of interest are exciting user stories about how how companies dealt with the subject of IT automation during the pandemic.

The OSAD is a virtual event organised by ATIX from 4th to 6th of October 2021 and the CfP ends on 31st of May.

Submit your ideas online or message me if you have any questions.