Open Source Camp on Puppet



After the very successful first issue on Foreman and Graylog, the next one is on Puppet.

First speakers are announced including myself giving the talk “Let the Foreman pull your puppet’s strings”. Others are perhaps also well known in the community like Martin Alfke from example42, Tim (bastelfreak) Meusel who is part of Vox Pupuli and Kris Buytaert and some of his colleagues from inuits.

If you are interested, have a look at

If monitoring is also one topic you are interested, the Open Source Camp takes place right after the Open Source Monitoring Conference at the same venue.

I will update here when more details are published.


I promised an update and now I am back from holiday and the agenda is complete:

It also includes now two interesting talks from Walter Gildersleeve from Puppet on Bolt and Security.

I hope we will record the talks and put them online, but this is not decided yet.