OpenStack infra won't let me run EL7 VM


I am trying to scratch build a FDI using our job:

But it’s erroring out with:

Bringing machine 'el7' up with 'openstack' provider...
==> el7: Finding flavor for server...
==> el7: Finding image for server...
==> el7: Launching a server with the following settings...
==> el7:  -- Tenant          : 864112
==> el7:  -- Name            : fdi-builder-vm
==> el7:  -- Flavor          : 4GB Standard Instance
==> el7:  -- FlavorRef       : 5
==> el7:  -- Image           : OnMetal - CentOS 7
==> el7:  -- ImageRef        : 7c2f809e-6f28-42f2-a6f0-c0f3c99f0185
==> el7:  -- KeyPair         : vagrant-generated-pw4j9gfq
Image cannot be built with provided flavor.

Looks like something is blocking the VM from coming up. I don’t have access to this OpenStack, can someone take a look? Maybe we ran out of resources?

This was quite stable with Rackspace, I am crossing fingers for getting this working on our Koji.