Operating system Facts constantly changing between subscription-manager fact and Ansible

Hi there,

I have some Centos hosts that have been registered in Foreman / Katello with subscription-manager,

Those hosts reports their Operating system on the Foreman interface as “Centos 7”
Redhat reports correctly the Operating system with major and minor version

From what I understand, this is due to the fact that the subscription-manager facts on Centos only report the Major operating system version.

When I run an Ansible Role, it gather facts and updates the Operating system to “CentOS Linux Release 7.7.1908” Which is nice, however this reverts back to “Centos 7” after some time due to Subscription-manager uploading facts automatically every few hours.

It also generates in my opinion some useless actions see attached picture :

Expected outcome:
Maybe a setting to force the OS to stay in the “long version” ?
I found the “Ignore facts for operating system” but this isn’t what I’m looking for as I don’t deploy via forman

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Katello 1.24

Distribution and version:
Centos 7


No one faced the same issue ? ):

Hi there,
No one faced the same issue ? :frowning:

Hey, we know about this and to fix this we need to design some bigger changes. For more info head over:

I don’t have a solution at the moment for you.l

Hi there,

Thanks for your reply, I’ll check that topic out and fill out the form :slight_smile:

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