Operating system Naming Convention

Problem: Importing Hosts based on Puppet facts

Expected outcome: Ability to map OS Fact to Foreman’s custom OS which has templates mapped

Foreman and Proxy versions: 2.1

When Host is imported from Puppet, operating system facts are pulled based on Facter which is the expected outcome. Problem is non-existent on Ubuntu/Debian/Fedora but for CentOS since there are multiple minor versions is there a way to map the OS fact to just Distro and major version so that templates can be automatically applied to the hosts?

Just follow Puppet naming convention. What’s the issue exactly?

First of I would like to thank you and the entire Foreman Community for all the hardwork and contribution to make it a full alternative to an Enterprise Solution.

And I sure hope that I am not wasting any valuable time by asking petty questions. But I tried to look all over the place even on satellite forums but couldn’t find a way.

Current Setup:
Operating System Fact : Set to not import
Default Hostgroup: Assigns the right hostgroup for the Hosts
Operating System: I have created this manually with only the Distro_Name+MajVersion to avoid creating multiple Configuration Templates.

However, since the fact pulls up the Full Description of the OS, i have to configure the hostgroup each time the OS changes.

So the question was to be able to map the Foreman OS fact with the default hostgroup and it should override the OS fact imported from Puppet.

It might be that I’m missing something that is already there but I couldn’t find it.

Thanks Again.

Can you exactly write the settings you have? We do have a setting in Administer - Provisioning - Ignore facts for operating system and when set, Foreman stops touching Operating System so it never changes during fact upload. Honestly, I think this should be the default setting.

I don’t understand. The hostgroup define “default” values, they can be then overriden per host.

I figured out a workaround for this as it was o my affecting hosts being imported.

Thanks for the assistance.